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28. Okt 2017

sign Colin Kaepernick


It's unbelievable. This guy tried to be honest, truthful. He wanted to stand for humanity and human rights and kneeled down during rendition of his anthem.

©Michael Zagaris/San Francisco 49ers/Getty Images

Immediatly he faced the power of avarice, mendacity and misconceived patriotism. While vowed by many media the NFL and a lot of conservative poLiticians didn't want him any more. He was turned into a free agent.

Ok, his numbers were not so good lately, but he wasn't that bad! 32 NFL teams, and no one signed him? Even not as a backup? Come on, this is ridiculous and it stinks like a fish!
The NFL is full of fear to loose the profit-yielding story of heroes and patriotism they builded up for the last decades. And since mid 2016 there is also a guy who boosted their fears. This guy managed to become President of the Untied States of America. And obviously this mad and sick guy is infallible and untouchable. It can not be explained otherwise as he tells the NFL to fire all these brave men who kneeled during their holy anthem and NOONE sacked Trump for this disgusting misuse of power.
Yes, it was said, that the NFL stands for human rights and the teams and players are free to say what they want. But the next sentence was, that the NFL prefers them to stand during the anthem.

This is … sad. The nation who wants to stand for the freedom of the world sacks a quarterback who did just that: stand up for freedom.

So, folks, come on. Let's get Colin Kaepernick into a contract. Because of his honesty and because he's a good QB. And let's kick this mean mendacity out of the office.


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