Okt 23

So, it turns out that there are a lot of people around the world who want to know if it's making sense to air their rooms. To fulfill their ongoing demands I'll just try to translate my popular airing entry. (Thanks to Rune and Christian for their help!)

There was an older post, which was viewed pretty often. Unfortunately my DDNS provider at the time - who once told me they will never terminate their free service -  finally decided to shut down all free accounts. In further consequence all of my sites and blog posts disappeared from the indexes of the search engines within days.
I had to deal with it and found a new free DDNS provider: dnshome. Since then I had no problems with them and bit by bit the number of visitors on my blog rose again. The number is still lower than before, but hey - who am I? Other people do very good jobs, too :-)

Okt 14

Nach Jahren der Arbeit, des Denkens, des Umdenkens, der Schwierigkeiten, des Schaffens war es nun am 10. September 2016 endlich soweit: Das Malatelier Buntum ist fertig!

Die Eröffnungskarte des Ateliers

Okt 26

Heute war es denn soweit. Der Leidensdruck mit den bescheuerten Mulitpower-Akkus war endlich so groß, dass ich den Roller nun entkleidet und entkernt habe, um die vor einigen Tagen angekommenen gebrauchten Greensaver-Akkus einzubauen.

Roller ohne Kleider und Batterien

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